How you can protect your financial assets

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What are financial assets?

There are a lot of types of financial assets that you can acquire depending on your financial capability and choice. Shares come under the most common and known financial assets. Saving deposits refer to the monetary amount that is being stored in the banks. It is not intended for any payments or whatsoever. It may have an issuance of bank book for these types of deposits. Investment funds are funds that are being administered by investment trust companies such as real estate funds, pension funds, money market funds, share-based funds and the like.

Certificate deposits, which are abbreviated as CD, are basically an agreement between the bank and an investor. The investor agrees to keep a share of money that is put in the bank in return for an interest rate. As it is locked in for a period approved, the interest rate may be high. If the investor withdraws before the maturity date of the deposit, the interest rate is not given and the investor is subjected to penalties regarding finances.

Bonds are the types of assets that are being sold to corporations or governments to aid in short-term projects. These are the legal documents that have specified a monetary amount, debtor borrowed and the decided time of payment. It represents an agreed interest rate between the creditor and lender as well as the originally borrowed sum of money.
Protecting your assets

Often, you experience situations where you are earning money but are unable to see it anywhere. In cases like these, you do not know where you can get financial aid like debt consolidation loans when disaster strikes. To safeguard your financial assets, it is essential to take some defensive measures. Following are a few money moves that you should consider to guard your new wealth against lawsuits and others.

Increase your liability insurance

Your first step of protection in litigation should be insurance. Call your insurance broker now and boost your liability limits. Make sure that your personal umbrella liability coverage is for an amount at least equivalent to your new net worth.
Consider keeping assets separate

Depending on the country where you reside and the source of your windfall, if your money goes into a joint account with your spouse, this money could immediately become half theirs. For some individuals, this might not be an issue, but for others, this can pose a problem. In the case where you have kids from a previous marriage and commingle an inheritance you get with your new spouse, your children might get less than you expect when you pass away. This problem gets even damaging if you are contemplating a divorce.
Protect yourself from renters

If you have a rental property or if you expect to invest in rental property after getting your sudden wealth, then create a business entity such as a corporation or LLC to protect your other assets from a discontent tenant.

March 19, 2017

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